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This Amazingly Cute Video Will Make Your Rethink Snowstorms

Watch this panda romp through the snow!

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Scared of Heights? This Guy Takes Skydiving Out of This World

Watch the behind the scenes of the famous jump sponsored by Red Bull, all captured with a GoPro!

How to Figure Out Open-Ended Projects

Every once in a while (or slightly more often if you’re an IB student) your teacher will hand you an open-ended project with very few guidelines, and it’s usually worth a lot of points either in the class or on the IB examination. Your first reaction is to be confused or clueless as to how to tackle such an assignment, but there are a few ways to make the project seem a bit more manageable:
  • Ask your teacher for examples or tips. Even if they don’t have anything to show you, they can usually give you some idea of where to start.
  • If the topic is completely up to you, pick something you’re passionate about. It will make it easier to formulate ideas and actually work on the project.
  • Work backwards from your needed end results to deduce the steps you’ll need to take to complete the project. Planning ahead is key!
-Natalie is a junior in high school in California.
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Ways to Break A Writer’s Block

  • Walk away for a bit. 
  • Remember that perfection is impossible. 
  • Ask a friend or parent to help you edit or come up with ideas. 
- Natalie is a junior in high school in California.